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Urgent Care located in Ada, OK

When you need it, access to urgent care is critical. But not all urgent care facilities are created equal. If you want urgent care provided by a dedicated team with a history of success, look no further than Urgent Care of Ada in Ada, Oklahoma. As the most advanced urgent care center in Ada, the practice is fully equipped to handle emergency and walk-in patients. Make your urgent care appointment online, call the office today or simply walk in to get the prompt, personalized care you need.

Urgent Care Q & A

When should I go to the ER instead of urgent care?

Most people know that a medical emergency means a trip to the emergency room. But what constitutes a medical emergency? And in which cases can you skip the triaged care of the ER in favor of an urgent care facility that will prioritize providing fast, effective treatment no matter your condition?

If you’re experiencing a medical emergency that threatens your life, you should absolutely go to the ER, but in many less severe cases, you might be better served by an urgent care visit. 

That’s because emergency rooms prioritize patients based on how quickly they need treatment (i.e., they use triage). If you have a laceration that needs stitches but that doesn’t bleed with applied pressure, you’ll likely need to wait — often for hours — until more pressing medical needs have been met. 

At least, that’s the case if you go to the ER. If you go to Urgent Care of Ada for urgent care, however, you won’t be vying with life-threatening conditions for care. 

Instead, the dedicated team will make it a priority to see you as quickly as possible so you can get the treatment you need. 

What types of illnesses and injuries can be treated at urgent care?

A wide variety. Urgent Care of Ada is experienced in treating a huge number of medical conditions. Specifically, the urgent care center treats:

  • Cuts and wounds that don’t involve significant blood loss
  • Flu symptoms
  • Strep throat
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Minor fractures
  • Fever
  • Eye irritation
  • Rashes and hives
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Urinary tract infections

You can get treatment by scheduling your appointment online, calling Urgent Care of Ada, or simply walking into the office.

What kind of treatment will I get?

With years of experience meeting the urgent care needs of the Ada community, the team is experienced in delivering prompt, effective treatment. For patients in need of higher levels of care, Urgent Care of Ada works with the local emergency department at Mercy Hospital to transfer and appropriately treat them.

It’s the only urgent care provider in Ada with full radiology and X-ray services, boasting a seasoned staff that is ready to get you the diagnosis you need to start a treatment plan that will alleviate your systems and restore your body to top health at an affordable price.

Telemedicine urgent care services are also available for patients who prefer at-home care.

To learn more about urgent care, call Urgent Care of Ada or schedule your appointment online today.