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What Every Sexually Active Adult Should Know About STDs

If you’re a sexually active adult, you’re automatically at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Every day, over one million adults worldwide acquire an STD, and each year in the US more than 20 million new STD cases are reported. More than half of these new cases occur in young adults under age 25.

STDs may be incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean people feel comfortable discussing them. That’s why many Americans don’t fully understand STDs or their risks. 

What’s more? Many STDs don’t have noticeable symptoms until they’ve progressed, and these diseases don’t discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, which makes STD testing critical for your health. 

At Urgent Care of Ada, our experienced providers help patients in the Ada, Oklahoma, area protect their health and the health of their intimate partners by offering confidential STD testing and treatment as part of our comprehensive line of services.  

So you can better understand how STDs impact you and your wellbeing, we’ve created this informative guide. Take a moment to learn what you need to know about STDs! 

Understanding STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases result from infections that are transmitted through oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. These infections are sometimes called venereal diseases or STIs (sexually transmitted infections). 

There are many types of STDs, each caused by different viruses or bacteria. In fact, researchers have identified more than 25 unique sexually transmitted diseases thus far, including these common diseases:

Some STDs are highly treatable while others don’t have a cure and may even cause death, making STDs serious illnesses that require attention. Since many STDs don’t cause symptoms right away, the only way to know if you have one of these diseases is through STD testing. 

Other STDs can cause troublesome symptoms, including:

Remember, STDs are infections and cause other symptoms, like fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, and more. If you experience any of these symptoms, or if your sexual partner experiences them or tests positive for an STD, be sure to contact your provider at Urgent Care of Ada for your confidential STD screening. 

Protect yourself and others from STDs

The only guaranteed way to avoid contracting an STD is by abstaining completely from all types of sexual activity. For most adults, abstinence isn’t realistic. Instead, you can protect yourself and others from STDs by being proactive about your health and scheduling regular STD testing. 

Proactive protection

To mitigate your chances of getting an STD, use condoms every time you have sex. Although spermicides and hormone-based contraception may help protect against pregnancy, they don’t protect you or your partner from STDs.

Next, even if you feel embarrassed or nervous, be sure to talk openly about your sexual history and sexual health with your sexual partners and medical team. This type of open, honest discussion helps reduce your risk of getting or spreading an STD. 

Finally, make and keep regular STD screening appointments. If you test positive for an STD, early detection makes treatment easier and more effective while reducing the risk of spread and helping avoid long-term complications. It also allows you to alert your partner(s), so they can receive treatment as well.  

Testing and treatment for STDs

The schedule for STD testing depends on many factors, including your age, medical and sexual health history, and various lifestyle factors. Your provider at Urgent Care of Ada can advise you about your recommended frequency of testing, but here’s a look at the STD testing schedule recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):  

Treatment for STDs depends on your diagnosis, and our medical team is experienced at providing different treatments and education with compassion and discretion for adults at every stage of life.  

Schedule your confidential STD screening by contacting Urgent Care of Ada at our Ada, Oklahoma, office. Call us at 580-215-6975, or book an appointment online now.

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