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Tips for Recovering from Strep Throat

Tips for Recovering from Strep Throat

Having a sore throat is never fun, and if you have strep throat, the pain and symptoms can be even worse than those triggered by a viral throat infection. At Urgent Care of Ada, in Ada, Oklahoma, our providers specialize in diagnosing and treating sore throats—including strep throat. 

Since strep throat is caused by Streptococcus, a highly contagious bacteria that thrives in warm, moist places like the throat, it’s important to see your provider for the right treatment. Getting the right antibiotics usually requires a throat culture to identify which bacteria is making you sick. 

Once you’ve received an accurate diagnosis and the right medical treatment, there are things you can do while you recover to speed the process and prevent future complications. 

Keep reading to learn more about strep throat and to get our top tips on recovering from this condition! 

Strep throat 101

Strep throat gets its name from the bacteria that causes the condition, Streptococcus. This highly contagious bacteria can enter your body when you have close contact with someone else who has strep throat or by touching something with infected droplets on it. 

Symptoms range in severity from mild to extreme and may include:

It’s important to see a medical provider if you’ve had a sore throat for several days or if you have a sore throat with a fever. Although sore throats can be caused by viruses, allergies, and more, strep throat requires an antibiotic

These medications decrease the time you’re sick, help improve your symptoms, and prevent the bacteria from spreading to other people. They also help stop you from experiencing complications of strep throat, like rheumatic fever.

Tips for getting over strep throat

Again, if you suspect or are worried about strep throat, schedule an appointment with a provider at Urgent Care of Ada, or walk into our urgent care clinic for an accurate diagnosis and prescription. 

Once you’ve seen your provider and are taking an antibiotic, you can do some things to help speed your recovery. Here are our top tips:

If you’re worried about strep throat, schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Urgent Care of Ada as soon as possible. You can also walk in at our urgent care clinic for same-day treatment.

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