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Home Remedies for UTIs

Home Remedies for UTIs

Did you know urinary tract infections (UTIs) are incredibly common? In fact, they're the second most common type of infection humans experience. Women make up the majority of cases because of their shorter urethra, but men can get UTIs, too.   

This common infection results when unfriendly bacteria enter your urinary tract. This can cause numerous unpleasant symptoms, including:

At Urgent Care of Ada, our providers diagnose and treat UTIs for patients in the Ada, Oklahoma, area. It’s important to seek medical care for your UTI since, if left untreated, they can lead to serious complications, like kidney damage.  

Though antibiotics remain the best way to treat UTIs, research studies indicate that home remedies can help. Here are the top things to try at home while waiting for your UTI appointment.   

1. Keep drinking fluids

Although drinking fluids may feel like the last thing you want to do when it hurts to pee, regular urination actually helps flush away the bacteria causing the infection. The best liquid to drink is water. If you don’t like to drink plain water, try adding lemon juice or switching to sparkling water for a change.  

2. Eat (or drink) some cranberries

The verdict on whether or not cranberries can prevent UTIs isn’t in yet, and there’s more research to do. However, current studies show that in some cases, unsweetened cranberries can help clear UTIs — and there are no harmful effects. 

Scientists believe the benefits stem from a compound in cranberries that make it more difficult for the bacteria to hold onto the walls of the urethra. It’s important to emphasize that this benefit only occurs with unsweetened cranberry products, so be sure to avoid juices and dried cranberries with added sugar.  

3. Get more vitamin C

Increasing your intake of vitamin C can help speed your recovery from a UTI by making your urine more acidic. This acidity helps kill off the infection-causing bacteria. Try eating more fruits and veggies high in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruit, and red peppers. Stay away from juices with added sugar as sugar feeds bacteria.   

4. Stay away from sugar

Avoiding sugar is good for your overall health, but when you have a UTI, it’s an absolute must. Sugar feeds bacteria, so when you have a bacterial infection, stay away from anything with added sugar. Since sugar is added to almost everything these days, read labels carefully, and avoid alcohol since it’s also high in sugar. 

5. Steer clear of foods and drinks that may irritate your bladder

Some foods and beverages are more highly linked to irritated bladders. If you have a UTI, avoiding these trigger foods can help ensure your symptoms don’t worsen. Many common foods and drinks can irritate the bladder, including:

If you have a UTI or suspect you might, the experts at Urgent Care of Ada can help. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. You can also walk into our urgent care clinic for same-day care. 

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